Daily: 15/09/2022

«Росія всюди залишає по собі смерть» – Зеленський про масове поховання в Ізюмі

Зеленський вкотре наголосив, що світ повинен притягнути Росію «до реальної відповідальності за цю війну»

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Kenyan-Made Device Helps Save Premature Babies Born Amid Ukraine War

Russia’s war on Ukraine has seen scores of hospitals and clinics bombed, and frequent power cuts that can turn off lifesaving machines. Medical aid groups are using a Kenyan-manufactured breathing device for premature babies that works without electricity, helping save vulnerable newborns in countries affected by conflict. Victoria Amunga reports from Nairobi, Kenya. Camera – Jimmy Makhulo.

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IAEA Demands Russia Withdraw From Ukraine Nuclear Plant

The U.N. nuclear watchdog’s board of governors has adopted a resolution demanding that Russia end its occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, diplomats who attended a closed-door meeting on Thursday in Vienna said.

The resolution adopted by the board of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) calls on Russia to “immediately cease all actions against, and at, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and any other nuclear facility in Ukraine.”

The 35-member board passed the resolution with 26 votes in favor, two against, and seven abstentions, diplomats said, adding that Russia and China voted against.

The resolution also says the military occupation of the plant significantly increases the risk of a nuclear accident that would endanger the population of Ukraine, neighboring states, and the international community.

The Russian military and the Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom should suspend all activities at the nuclear plant and hand control back to Ukrainian authorities, the resolution said.

Russia’s mission to the IAEA said “the Achilles’ heel of this resolution” was that it said nothing about the systematic shelling of the plant.

“The reason is simple — this shelling is carried out by Ukraine, which is supported and shielded by Western countries in every possible way,” it said in a statement.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, has repeatedly come under fire in recent weeks, raising grave concerns at the IAEA. Moscow and Kyiv have blamed each other for the attacks.

An IAEA delegation visited the plant earlier this month and reported that the site had been damaged by the shelling.

The power plant was completely shut down at the weekend, and power lines have been restored to ensure the cooling of nuclear fuel rods and waste, which is essential to prevent a meltdown.

Some information for this report came from Reuters.

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Зеленський про військову допомогу Заходу: «Вдячні за все, але важлива конкретика»

«Бо кожні дії на полі битви – це конкретні операції, які повинні бути конкретною зброєю. Тоді буде конкретний результат»

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Голова Єврокомісії оцінила шлях України до членства в ЄС та контрнаступ ЗСУ

«Не можу не відзначити хоробрість ЗСУ. Цей успіх надихнув не лише українців, але й іноземних друзів України»

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With $19.5 Billion Investment, India Joins Global Race to Make Semiconductors

India’s ambitions to create a domestic semiconductor manufacturing capability got a boost with this week’s announcement of a $ 19.5 billion investment by Taiwanese electronic company Foxconn and local conglomerate Vedanta.

The companies will set up manufacturing facilities for producing the chips in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state, Gujarat. The plants are expected to be operational by 2024.

Modi called the agreement an important step in “accelerating India’s semi-conductor manufacturing ambitions” in a tweet Tuesday following the announcement.

India has joined the global race to make the chips at the heart of modern electronic devices from smartphones to cars, but for which there have been global shortages since the COVID-19 pandemic caused supply chain constraints.

India announced a $10 billion economic package in December to attract semiconductor makers as it looks to become a production hub for the critical components. It has also promised to expand incentives.

So far manufacturers in a small number of East Asian countries, led by China, Taiwan and South Korea, have supplied most of the world’s semiconductors. Several countries now want to reduce their dependence on global supply chains in critical technologies after the pandemic as well as Russia’s war in Ukraine and growing tensions between Western countries and China highlighted the risks of relying on limited sources of production.

“There are growing concerns of economic wars in the future and overdependence on China, especially for crucial components. So, India is trying to emerge as a production hub for semiconductors,” Sreeram Chaulia, dean of the Jindal School of International Affairs.

“The government believes that India can fill a niche as some countries and companies look to alternatives to China,” he told VOA.

While India has forged ahead in the software technology sector, which does not require physical infrastructure, it has lagged behind in electronic manufacturing partly due to poor infrastructure. The most difficult issue facing manufacturers is the unavailability of large tracts of land.

India also offers some advantages, though, such as the the thousands of semiconductor design engineers working for global companies with research and development offices in the country.

“I can confidently say that within the next five to six years, we will become a great semiconductor design capital of the world. We will use that capability to feed into our semiconductor manufacturing also,” Ashwini Vaishnav, India’s information technology and electronics minister, told a business conference last month.

The Foxconn and Vedanta announcement is the biggest announced in the sector so far.

“India’s own Silicon Valley is a step closer now,” Vedanta group chairman Anil Agarwal tweeted Tuesday. The project is expected to create 100,000 jobs in India.

“The improving infrastructure and the government’s active and strong support increases confidence in setting up a semiconductor factory,” Foxconn Vice President Brian Ho said in a statement.

Singaporean group IGSS Ventures has also signed a memorandum of understanding for a semiconductor plant in Tamil Nadu state.

“Many countries will be a lot more comfortable relying on India, so that gives the government a sense that this could just be the beginning of a flow of foreign funds to promote chip manufacturing,” Chaulia said.

“There also have been discussions at the level of the Quad and other forums for finding reliable sources for some of these components,”  he said, referring to the grouping of India, the United States, Japan and Australia.

The push to make semiconductors is also part of a “Make in India” campaign promoted by Modi since he took office eight years ago.

His aim to emulate China’s success in manufacturing had met with a tepid response according to business experts.

New Delhi hopes that will change as companies look at diversifying production bases especially in areas of critical technologies.

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Roger Federer to Retire From Tennis After Next Week’s Laver Cup

Roger Federer broke the news fans across the world have long been fearing when he announced on Thursday he will retire from competitive tennis after next week’s Laver Cup in London.

The 41-year-old Swiss national, who has won 20 Grand Slam titles and is regarded by many as the best player ever to wield a racket, has not played a match since last year’s Wimbledon.

“As many of you know, the past three years have presented me with challenges in the form of injuries and surgeries,” Federer said in a post on Twitter. 

“I’ve worked hard to return to full competitive form. But I also know my body’s capacities and limits, and its message to me lately has been clear. I am 41 years old.”

“I have played more than 1,500 matches over 24 years. Tennis has treated me more generously than I ever would have dreamt, and now I must recognize when it’s time to end my competitive career. The Laver Cup next week in London will be my final ATP event. I will play more tennis in the future, of course, but just not in Grand Slams or on the tour.”

Federer, who dominated men’s tennis after winning his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 2003, has been troubled by injuries in recent years.

He has undergone three knee operations in the last two years and his last competitive match was a quarter-final defeat against Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz at the 2021 Wimbledon.

Federer had announced he planned to return to the tour when he teams up with long-time rival and friend Rafael Nadal to play doubles at the Laver Cup in London.

He had also planned to play at the Swiss indoors tournament at home in Basel.

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Russia Revokes Independent Novaya Gazeta’s Last Media License

Novaya Gazeta, one of Russia’s few remaining independent news outlets, was stripped of its last media license on Thursday.

Russia’s Supreme Court in effect banned Novaya Gazeta’s online version, days after a Moscow district court banned Novaya Gazeta’s newspaper and its sister magazine “No” (“But”), founded less than three months ago.

The media watchdog Rozkomnadzor had accused Novaya Gazeta’s web version of repeatedly violating the restrictions imposed on “foreign agents,” a designation applied to the paper that has also been applied to numerous other voices and organizations at odds with the Kremlin.

Editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov, a Nobel Peace laureate for his efforts to uphold critical news reporting, expressed his anger at the decision in court.

“Do you realize that your demand would destroy Novaya Gazeta, a newspaper with a 30-year history?” he said, addressing Roskomnadzor. “Apparently you do.”

“What you are doing is murder. You are depriving hundreds of people of jobs, of readers, – there were 27 million in March – of the right to information.”

Speaking later outside the court, Muratov said he would appeal to the Supreme Court’s appellate chamber.

The newspaper, a stalwart of Russia’s media scene since its foundation in 1993 with money from the Nobel Peace Prize of late Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, had carved out a niche as Russia’s leading investigative news outlet, even as press freedoms were rolled back.

In March, it suspended operations in Russia after being cautioned for violating new laws imposing strict censorship on coverage of the conflict in Ukraine.

Outside the court, Muratov called the verdict “informational genocide” and said it would make investigative reporting much harder because reporters would no longer be able to make inquiries of authorities.

Some of the paper’s staff have set up an online outlet in Europe, whose publications are also blocked in Russia.

Muratov, who sold his Nobel medal to help Ukrainian refugees, on September 3 led the funeral procession of Gorbachev, his financial backer and friend.

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У Швеції після перемоги правих на виборах прем’єр-міністр йде у відставку

Андерссон очолює уряд Швеції з листопада 2021 року. Вона стала першою жінкою на цій посаді

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Війська РФ, відступаючи в паніці, кидають високовартісне обладнання – британська розвідка

«Українські війська продовжують консолідувати свій контроль над щойно звільненими районами Харківської області. Російські війська в основному відійшли з району на захід від річки Оскіл»

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У МВФ повідомили про зміну керівника місії в Україні

Місію очолюватиме британець Гевін Грей замість представниці Болгарії Іванни Владкової-Голлар

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Єреван оголосив про перемир’я з Азербайджаном. ОДКБ не відправлятиме миротворців у Вірменію

Напередодні мітингувальники вимагали відставки прем’єр-міністра Вірменії Нікола Пашиняна

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РФ: в’язням колонії заборонили дивитися на Навального. Були повідомлення, що він помітно схуд

З середини серпня адміністрація російської колонії чотири рази відправляла Олексія Навального до штрафного ізолятора

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CNN стало відомо, хто може стати послом США в Росії

Посада посла США у Росії вакантна з 4 вересня

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Міноборони РФ опублікувало фейкове відео знищення українського десанту

Раніше ЗМІ неодноразово повідомляли про фальсифікації та нестикування в офіційних пресрелізах Міноборони РФ щодо перебігу бойових дій в Україні

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Queen Elizabeth II Lies in State

Tens of thousands of people have lined up to view the coffin of Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth II as she lies in state in Westminster Hall ahead of her funeral next week.

Her body was taken in a solemn procession from Buckingham Palace, where it had remained overnight after being transported to England from Scotland, to Westminster. The coffin, adorned with the imperial state crown and the royal standard, was carried by the same horse-drawn gun carriage that had borne the bodies of her mother and father.

King Charles III walked behind the coffin, joined by his sons, William and Harry, and his siblings, Anne, Andrew and Edward.

Tens of thousands of people watched from the roadside to catch a final glimpse of the monarch, offer a last goodbye and witness firsthand an extraordinary piece of history unfolding. Most watched in silence. Some threw flowers. Some quietly wept.

U.S. citizen Silver Klajnscek, who lives in London, spoke to VOA after the procession passed.

“There’s such a respect for — I don’t know a better way to put it, but pomp and circumstance in this country — that really pulls people together. And it’s really an honor to be a part of it,” she said.

Gun salutes echoed across the capital. In London’s Hyde Park, thousands more people watched the procession on big screens.

Under late summer sunshine, the procession arrived in Westminster 38 minutes after leaving Buckingham Palace. It is a journey the queen had made so many times before, across seven decades on the British throne stretching back to the government of Winston Churchill.

Her coffin was carried into Westminster Hall by guardsmen from the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, who had been flown back from Iraq for the occasion. The queen was their company commander.

At Westminster Hall, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Dean of Westminster David Hoyle read prayers at the service. Those in attendance for the historic event included Catherine, Princess of Wales, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Camilla, Queen Consort.

At the end of the brief service, the queen’s body officially lay in state — and the doors of the great hall opened for the public to mourn their monarch.

Outside, lines of people several kilometers long had formed. They could face a wait of up to 27 hours to reach Westminster Hall.

“I haven’t had any sleep whatsoever. I’m just going with the energy that’s within. I feel very uplifted, very calm and happy. Happy to be able to show my last respects to the queen,” 61-year-old Stephen Holdgate said.

“She’s been there my entire life. She’s like a grandmother,” London resident Neil Martin told VOA.

Nearby, Bryony Stevenson waited in line with her 3-month-old baby.

“It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime occasions,” Stevenson said. “My little one was born a Jubilee baby, and it’s important for us to make this occasion, because it’s a huge part of history.”

Westminster Hall was built in 1097. It hosted King Henry VIII’s coronation banquet in 1509; the trial of Guy Fawkes in 1606, who plotted to blow up parliament; and the trial of King Charles I in 1649 following the English Civil War. For the next four days, the hall is playing no less a historic role in this ancient kingdom.

Elizabeth died Sept. 8 at Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands, a place she cherished and where Charles became king.

The queen’s funeral is scheduled for Monday at Westminster Abbey, with numerous world leaders expected to attend. The coffin will then be taken to Windsor for the committal service, where the queen’s husband, Prince Philip, was laid to rest in April 2021.

Some information in this report came from The Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

Her coffin was carried into Westminster Hall by guardsmen from the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, who had been flown back from Iraq for the occasion. The queen was their company commander.

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Mourners Line Streets as Queen Elizabeth II Passes on Way to Lie in State

The body of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was taken from Buckingham Palace Wednesday to Westminster Hall, where she will lie in state for four days ahead of her funeral. Henry Ridgwell reports from London.

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Фінансовий сектор Росії зазнав на сотні мільярдів доларів втрат через санкції – Bloomberg

Фінансовий сектор Росії зазнав на сотні мільярдів доларів «прямих втрат» унаслідок масштабних санкцій, запроваджених через російське вторгнення в Україну. Про це повідомляє видання Bloomberg із посиланням на внутрішній документ міністерства фінансів РФ.

За даними видання, оцінка, яка враховує значні удари по фондовому ринку, банківському капіталу, а також 300 мільярдів доларів заморожених валютних резервів, була включена до презентації для зустрічі високого рівня офіційних осіб щодо відповіді на санкції, що відбулася минулого місяця.

Читайте також: Найбільші інвестиційні банки США перестали торгувати держборгом Росії

У звіті йдеться про збитки для фінансової системи Росії, без урахування впливу санкцій на економіку загалом. Також у документі описується збиток, завданий фінансовій інфраструктурі, включаючи 80% активів банківського сектора, які потрапили під санкції, відключення від Swift і втрату доступу до ключового обладнання та програмного забезпечення.

Мінфін РФ відмовився від коментарів. Путін заявляв нещодавно, що «Росія впевнено справляється із зовнішнім тиском», а економіка «стабілізується та прямує до траєкторії зростання».


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Експорт нафти з Ірану зростає три місяці поспіль – дані Kepler

Як повідомляє Reuters, Іран запропонував у серпні втричі більшу знижку на продаж нафти китайським нафтопереробним заводам, ніж Росія

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Україна домовилася з G7 про призупинення виплат за офіційним боргом – Мінфін

Загальна сума боргу, що покривається цим Меморандумом становить приблизно 3,1 мільярди доларів США, заявили в міністерстві

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