Daily: 02/08/2022

US Imposes New Sanctions on Russian Elites, Including Putin’s Reported Lover

The U.S. imposed new sanctions Tuesday targeting Russian elites, including oligarchs and a woman — one-time Olympic rhythmic gymnast champion Alina Kabaeva — often named in news reports as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s lover and mother of four of his children. 

The Treasury Department froze the visa of Kabaeva, 39, and imposed other property restrictions on her. She is a former member of the Russian Duma, the country’s legislative body, and is also head of a Russian national media company that has promoted Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.  

Kremlin opponents and Putin critic Alexey Navalny have called for sanctions against Kabaeva, contending that her news outlet had taken the lead in portraying Western commentary on the invasion as a disinformation campaign. 

Britain sanctioned Kabaeva in May, and the European Union imposed travel and asset restrictions on her in June. 

Among the others sanctioned was Andrey Grigoryevich Guryev, an oligarch who owns the Witanhurst estate, a 25-bedroom mansion considered to be the second-largest estate in London after Buckingham Palace. 

The U.S. also blocked movement of his $120 million yacht, the Alfa Nero, and sanctioned his son, Andrey Andreevich Guryev, and his son’s Russian investment firm, Dzhi AI Invest OOO. 

“As innocent people suffer from Russia’s illegal war of aggression, Putin’s allies have enriched themselves and funded opulent lifestyles,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement. 

“Together with our allies, the United States will also continue to choke off revenue and equipment underpinning Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine.” 

The State Department also imposed additional visa restrictions and other sanctions.  

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “As Ukrainians continue to valiantly defend their homeland in the face of President Putin’s brutal war, Russia’s elite are running massive revenue-generating companies and funding their own opulent lifestyles outside of Russia. Today, the United States is taking additional actions to ensure that the Kremlin and its enablers feel the compounding effects of our response to the Kremlin’s unconscionable war of aggression.” 


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UK Charges Man with Intent to ‘Injure or Alarm’ Queen

A man was charged with intent to “alarm her Majesty” after being arrested at Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor Castle home with a crossbow on Christmas Day last year, police and prosecutors said. 

Jaswant Singh Chail, 20, a resident of Southampton in southern England, was arrested on the grounds of Windsor Castle, where the queen often resides. Chail was carrying a crossbow, prosecutors said.  

At the time of the incident, the queen was at the castle, along with her son and heir Prince Charles, his wife and other close family members. According to police, Chail did not break into any buildings. 

Following an investigation by counterterrorism police, Chail was charged with “discharging or aiming firearms, or throwing or using any offensive matter or weapon, with intent to injure or alarm her Majesty,” an offense under section 2 of the Treason Act of 1842. He has also been charged with threats to kill and possession of an offensive weapon. 

Nick Price, head of the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, said: “The Crown Prosecution Service reminds all concerned that criminal proceedings against Mr. Chail are active and that he has the right to a fair trial.” 

Chail will appear before London’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court on August 17.  

Security breaches at the royal residences are rare. The most serious breach under Elizabeth’s reign happened in 1982 when an intruder climbed a wall of Buckingham Palace, the queen’s home, and made his way to her bedroom.  

In 2003, Aaron Barschak, a man who called himself the “comedy terrorist,” evaded security wearing a pink dress and an Osama bin Laden-styled beard to gatecrash the 21st birthday party of Charles’ elder son, Prince William.  

Some information for this report came from The Associated Press and Reuters. 


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До Туреччини прибуло перше судно з українським зерном – Зеленський

Судно перевірятиме спеціальний спільний координаційний центр, створений минулого тижня

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Мінфін США розширив санкції проти Росії – у список потрапила Аліна Кабаєва

Олімпійську чемпіонку з художньої гімнастики Аліну Кабаєву називають коханкою президента Володимира Путіна. Дехто з розслідувачів каже, що вони одружені і мають спільних дітей

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Росія: помічник Медведєва пояснив зломом його сторінки у «Вконтакте» допис про відновлення кордонів СРСР

Медведєв, який позиціонував себе як ліберальний політик, повністю змінив свій імідж, коли Росія розпочала повномасштабне вторгнення в Україну

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Генштаб: армія РФ має «частковий успіх» на напрямку Донецьк – Піски

Триває сто шістдесята доба війни РФ проти України

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Справа щодо незадекларованого майна нардепа Шахова з розслідування «Схем» – тепер в суді

Загальна сума незадекларованого майна складає близько 88 мільйонів гривень, повідомили в НАБУ

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Russia High Court Labels Ukraine’s Azov Regiment ‘Terrorist’ Group

The Supreme Court of Russia, acting on a request by the Prosecutor General’s Office, has designated Ukraine’s ultra-right Azov Regiment as a “terrorist” organization.

The court announced the decision on Tuesday against the group, one of the most prominent Ukrainian military formations fighting against Russia in eastern Ukraine.

The court ruled to “recognize the Ukrainian paramilitary unit Azov a terrorist organization and to ban its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the judge was quoted by the state news agency TASS as saying.

The ruling takes immediate effect.

The Azov Regiment is a far-right volunteer group that is part of Ukraine’s National Guard. Formerly known as the Azov Battalion, it espouses an ultranationalist ideology that U.S. law enforcement authorities have linked with neo-Nazi extremism. But supporters see it as a patriotic and effective part of the country’s defense forces.

Russia falsely claims that Ukraine is controlled by Nazis and used that charge as one of the justifications for its unprovoked invasion of the country.

Some relatives of Azov Regiment soldiers have worried that the court’s designation could mean that those who surrendered to Russia, or were captured by Russian forces, could now be tried as terrorists.

The Azov Regiment fought Russian troops for months in the southern city of Mariupol before around 2,500 of its fighters surrendered in mid-May.

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Russia Adopts Oppressive Laws Targeting War Opponents

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Moscow has done its best to suppress opposition inside Russia. VOA Russian has the story, narrated by Anna Rice.

Camera: Aleksandr Barash, Dmitry Vershinin 

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У Росії український полк «Азов» визнали терористичною організацією

Нині деякі бійці полку перебувають у російському полоні.

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Туреччина каже, що судно з українським зерном очікують в Стамбулі «після півночі»

Спочатку очікувалося, що суховантаж прибуде до Стамбула вранці 2 серпня

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Президент США оголосив про ліквідацію в Афганістані лідера «Аль-Каїди»

Мішенню став лідер «Аль-Каїди» Айман аз-Завахірі, який разом із Усамою бен Ладеном керував терористичними нападами на США 11 вересня 2001 року

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