4 Hospitalized After Explosion in Leicester, Britain

At least four people were hospitalized in critical condition after an explosion in Leicester, England Sunday destroyed a convenience store and a home.

Police said there was no immediate indication the explosion was linked to terrorism butdeclared it a “major incident.” 

The explosion happened just after 7 pm local time and Leicester police initially asked the public to stay away from the road and urged the news media and everyone else not to speculate about the cause. 


“The cause of the explosion will be the subject of a joint investigation by the police and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service,” the police department said.

Police said a number of other buildings were damaged and homes and businesses in the area had been evacuated. 

The city’s fire department said it sent six fire engines after the reports of a large explosion and a building collapse.

Pictures of the blast showed flames shooting up from the rubble where the building once stood, while neighbors frantically tried to get close to the site to help.

Leicester is about 177 kilometers north of London.

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